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1 parent 8300304 commit c2b1c65254621d47cc0d916fa922e93861e0a901 rpj committed Jan 7, 2007
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@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ pthread_delay_np (const struct timespec *interval);
[EINVAL] The value specified by interval is invalid.
+pthread_num_processors_np (void)
This routine (found on HPUX systems) returns the number of processors
in the system. This implementation actually returns the number of
@@ -3,7 +3,12 @@ done by Tristan Savatier. The semaphore routines have been
completely rewritten since (2005-04-25), having been progressively
broken more and more by changes to the library. All of the semaphore
routines implemented for W9x/WNT/2000 and up should now also work for
-WinCE. Also, pthread_mutex_timedlock should now work. [RPJ]
+WinCE. Also, pthread_mutex_timedlock should now work.
+Additional WinCE updates have been applied since this as well. Check the
+ChangeLog file and search for WINCE for example. (2007-01-07)

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