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πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬ A TUI periodic table and chemistry reference
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Your chemistry homework just got easier!

alt text pTable is a chemistry reference written in Python, which provides a quick way to perform common chemistry calculations and find useful facts and information.


pTable uses a couple dependancies to work correctly. chempy and mendeleev are libraries for analytical chemistry calculations and element info, and npyscreen is a library for designing terminal applications. Install them for Python 3 like so:

sudo pip3 install chempy

sudo pip3 install npyscreen

sudo pip3 install mendeleev


to run pTable, simply navigate to the pTable directory and run

For quick calculations without the GUI, you can use these console commands.

Usage: ptable [-options]

-h:   Show this message

-c:  Analyze a compound

-el: Analyze an element. pipe to grep to isolate info

-eq: Balance an equation (in quotes)

This program is a personal project, and I am only a chemistry student not an expert. Please feel free to suggest corrections and new features!

Known Issues:

  • Fixed screen size will break on different screens. Needs to be dynamically allocated.
  • Notepad is glitchy as heck. Will add persistance
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