Fast implementation of php mt_rand using pyopencl and pycuda
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Naive implementation of mt_rand using pyopencl and pycuda


Numpy and one of Pycuda or pyopencl should me installed to run this.

easy_install numpy pyopencl
pip install numpy pyopencl

For pycuda you should run

easy_install numpy pycuda
pip install numpy pycuda

For any opencl compatible device you should also install opencl package for your device (AMD/NVIDIA/Intel/etc.)

For cuda - you should install nvcc compiler with headers


One can run this implementation with and This scripts will also produce profiling information of execution

PyOpencl implementation will try to run on first device it would found. I don't know for now how to fix it to run only on GPU. If you would run it from shell - there would be some info regarding this

Speed tests

$ grep SIZE
SIZE = 16384
$ ./
$ tail -n 2 opencl_profile_0.log
method=[ mt_brute ] gputime=[ 72.640 ] cputime=[ 4.000 ] occupancy=[ 0.667 ]
method=[ memcpyDtoHasync ] gputime=[ 12.512 ] cputime=[ 8.000 ]

$ ./
$ tail -n 2 cuda_profile_0.log
method=[ mt_brute ] gputime=[ 68.928 ] cputime=[ 6.000 ] occupancy=[ 0.667 ]
method=[ memcpyDtoH ] gputime=[ 10.720 ] cputime=[ 88.000 ]


72.640+12.51 microseconds for 2^14 hashes = 1.9 * 10^8 seeds


22 seconds for all 2^32 combinations