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Gate between Git and Mediawiki
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What is Git-Mediawiki ?

Git-Mediawiki is a project which aims the creation of a gate between git and mediawiki, allowing git users to push and pull objects from mediawiki just as one would do with a classic git repository thanks to remote-helpers.

For more information, read the User manual.

Who are we ?

Git-Mediawiki was essentially developed by Ensimag students (see the logs for the detailed list of authors), supervised by Matthieu Moy, with the help of the git community.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the project.

Note that Git-Mediawiki is currently looking for a new maintainer, see issue #33.


Similar projects

Our project wants to be transparent to wiki users and transplantable on any wiki without having to change anything server-side. A simple git clone on a mediawiki would initialize a repository on your side and you would be able to interact with the wiki without bothering classic users.

But there are other options for archiving wikis and git-based wikis:

  • GitHub and ikiwiki propose solutions for git-based wikis.
  • The WikiTeam has scripts and programs to dump Mediawiki sites, although not to git, and readonly.
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