@GitSquared GitSquared released this Nov 20, 2018

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This is it! It's been years, but I'm finally happy enough with the result to consider this project "finished".
Of course, I'll still stay around to fix issues and update dependencies if needed.

Note that a release will be coming soon to port eDEX to Electron 3.0, which might boost performances a little.

Changelog since v1.0.0-rc2:

  • Existing modules:
    • mod_toplist:
    • mod_cpuinfo:
      • Add edge-case memleak safeguard (0f51c41)
  • Core:
    • Fix process info on Windows assets (9fad266)
    • updateChecker: Fix data getting trimed and checker always failing (b26e619)
  • Development:
    • README:
      • Add new "Featured in" section (3020a7d)
      • Replace codacy with latest release link (ce27916)
      • Added blade and disrupted screenshots (d251cfe)

+ a load of dependencies updates

Known issues

  • Multitouch might not work (#100) - this issue still isn't confirmed yet but i can't test it, please see the issue thread if you want to help.

🎉 📦