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A dataviz framework help gopher to build a admin panel in ten minutes
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the missing golang data admin panel builder tool.

Documentation | 中文文档 | DEMO

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Inspired by laravel-admin


GoAdmin is a toolkit to help you build a data visualization admin panel for your golang app.

demo: account: admin password: admin

demo source code:



  • 🚀 Fast: build a production admin panel app in ten minutes.
  • 🎨 Theming: beautiful ui themes supported(default adminlte, more themes are coming.)
  • 🔢 Plugins: many plugins to use(more useful and powerful plugins are coming.)
  • Rbac: out of box rbac auth system.
  • ⚙️ Frameworks: support most of the go web frameworks.


We need your help:

Who is using

Comment the issue to tell us.

How to

Following three steps to run it.

Step 1: import sql

mysql postgresql sqlite

Step 2: create main.go


package main

import (
	_ ""
	_ ""

func main() {
	r := gin.Default()

	eng := engine.Default()

	// global config
	cfg := config.Config{
		Databases: config.DatabaseList{
			"default": {
				Host:         "",
				Port:         "3306",
				User:         "root",
				Pwd:          "root",
				Name:         "godmin",
				MaxIdleCon: 50,
				MaxOpenCon: 150,
				Driver:       "mysql",
		UrlPrefix: "admin",
		// STORE is important. And the directory should has permission to write.
		Store: config.Store{
		    Path:   "./uploads", 
		    Prefix: "uploads",
		Language: language.EN,
		// debug mode
		Debug: true,
		// log file absolute path
		InfoLogPath: "/var/logs/info.log",
		AccessLogPath: "/var/logs/access.log",
		ErrorLogPath: "/var/logs/error.log",
		ColorScheme: adminlte.ColorschemeSkinBlack,

    	// Generators: see 
	adminPlugin := admin.NewAdmin(datamodel.Generators)
	// add component chartjs
	// add generator, first parameter is the url prefix of table when visit.
    	// example:
    	// "user" => http://localhost:9033/admin/info/user
    	adminPlugin.AddGenerator("user", datamodel.GetUserTable)
	// customize your pages
    	r.GET("/admin", func(ctx *gin.Context) {
    		engine.Content(ctx, func(ctx interface{}) (types.Panel, error) {
    			return datamodel.GetContent()

	_ = eng.AddConfig(cfg).AddPlugins(adminPlugin).Use(r)

	_ = r.Run(":9033")

More Examples:

Step 3: run

GO111MODULE=on go run main.go

visit: http://localhost:9033/admin

A super simple example here

See the docs for more details.


Your support will help me do better! [Become a backer]


here for contribution guide

here to join into the develop team

join telegram

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