A complete overhaul of the Golang wrapper for libsodium
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A binding library made in Go for the popular portable cryptography library Sodium.


The goal of this binding library is to make use of Sodium in a more Go friendly matter. And of course making it easier to make secure software.

Team (as of now...)

  • Stephen Chavez (@redragonx)
  • Graham Smith (@neuegram)

How to build

For linux, this should be easy since there's pkg-config support. Please make sure libsodium is installed on your system first.

  1. go get -d github.com/GoKillers/libsodium-go
  2. cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/GoKillers/libsodium-go
  3. ./build.sh

For Windows, this requires a little more work.

  1. Download and install pkg-config for win32 or win64
  2. Add a system or user variable PKG_CONFIG_PATH pointing to a folder containing pkg-config files, including libsodium
  3. go get -d github.com/GoKillers/libsodium-go
  4. cd %GOPATH%/src/github.com/GoKillers/libsodium-go
  5. build.bat


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