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sync app for sia.


  • Install Java 8 or later. Make sure to install the 64-bit variant.
  • Setup a wallet
    • Initialize the wallet
    • Allocate funds


  1. Download the ZIP package of the latest release
  2. Extract the ZIP on the local file system

Configuration file

This app requires a Java property file in the following location:

  • C:\Users\<user-name>\AppData\Local\Goobox for Windows (Note that is a user name in Windows, not Goobox)
  • ~/.local/share/Goobox for Linux
  • ~/Library/Application Support/Goobox for macOS

The property file takes one parameter:

  • primary-seed: primary seed or encryption password of your sia wallet


primary-seed = foo bar baz foo bar baz foo bar baz foo bar baz foo bar baz foo bar baz foo bar baz foo bar baz foo bar baz foo bar


  1. Open a Command Prompt / Terminal
  2. Navigate to the extracted goobox-sync-sia/bin folder
  3. Run the batch file, i.e. goobox-sync-sia.bat (for Windows), goobox-sync-sia (for Mac/Linux)
  • Currently this app supports basic two-way sync from the local file system -> sia cloud and sia cloud -> local file system on the same machine only.
  • The app will sync each content of which sia path, which is a file path in the sia cloud, starts with Goobox to the local folder with name Goobox, which is a subfolder of the user home folder. If a file is present locally and not in the cloud it will create a file path and entry in the sia cloud and upload the file.
  • The app will poll the sia cloud and the local Goobox sync folder once per minute for any changes in the content. Aditionally a file watcher is implemented to watch for any changes in the local file system directory.

The app uses an embedded Nitrine database for storing the current sync state of the files. The DB file can be found at the following location for each OS:

  • C:\Users\<user-name>\AppData\Local\Goobox for Windows
  • ~/.local/share/Goobox for Linux
  • ~/Library/Application Support/Goobox for macOS

Sub commands

goobox-sync-sia.bat and goobox-sync-sia have some sub commands;

usage: goobox-sync-sia.bat [-h] [--output-events] [--reset-db] [--sync-dir <arg>] [-v]

Sync app for Sia

    -h,--help             show this help
    --output-events       output events for the GUI app
    --reset-db            reset sync DB
    --sync-dir <arg>      set the sync dir
    -v,--version          print version


 wallet               Show your wallet information
 create-allowance     Create allowance
 gateway-connect      Connects the gateway to a peer
 dump-db              Dump database for debugging

wallet command

goobox-sync-sia.bat wallet and goobox-sync-sia wallet print the following wallet information:

  • main wallet address
  • confirmed balance (in SC)
  • current spending
  • current prices (approx.)

create-allowance command

goobox-sync-sia.bat create-allowance and goobox-sync-sia create-allowance creates allowance. By default, this command adds your confirmed balance to the fund. You can choose hastings to be added to the fund with --fund flag, e.g. goobox-sync-sia.bat create-allowance --fund 100000 adds 100000 hastings to your current fund. parameters

data-pieces data-folder primary-seed sync-folder disable-auto-allocation parity-pieces username siad-api-address siad-gateway-address


primary-seed=fuzzy coal tell coal coal toenail coal coal acumen unknown software coal germs germs germs eclipse coal germs tobacco economics germs germs knowledge unusual urgent loincloth noted agony afoot


This software is released under The GNU General Public License Version 3, see LICENSE for more detail.

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