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GoodProtocol Interface

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An open source interface for GoodProtocol -- a protocol for decentralized exchange of Ethereum tokens.

Accessing the GoodProtocol Interface

GoodDollar currently is not running its own frontend — making the system more decentralized and censorship-resistant. Users thus have to use one of the frontends provided by our community, like this one for example:


Install Dependencies



yarn start


For local-development and working with the @gooddollarorg library repo we use Yalc Usages --> npm i yalc -g (yarn global is deprecated after v2) from library repository from root of the package you want to publish, not root of mono: 1. yarn build 1. yalc publish (first time) 2. yalc publish --push (update send to all locally installed instances) from protocolUI: 1. yalc link @gooddollarorg/<packageName>


Please open all pull requests against the master branch. CI checks will run against all PRs.

For more information please go to