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Hive Storage Handler for interoperability between BigQuery and Apache Hive
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Hive-BigQuery StorageHandler

This is a Hive StorageHandler plugin that enables Hive to interact with BigQuery. It allows you keep your existing pipelines but move to BigQuery. It utilizes the high throughput BigQuery Storage API to read data and uses the BigQuery API to write data.

The following steps are performed under Dataproc cluster in Google Cloud Platform. If you need to run in your cluster, you will need setup Google Cloud SDK and Google Cloud Storage connector for Hadoop.

Getting the StorageHandler

  1. Check it out from GitHub.
  2. Build it with the new Google Hadoop BigQuery Connector
git clone
cd hive-bigquery-storage-handler
mvn clean install
  1. Deploy hive-bigquery-storage-handler-1.0-shaded.jar

Using the StorageHandler to access BigQuery

After placing the compiled Jar to a Google Cloud Storage bucket that your Hive cluster have access to, you can open Hive CLI and load all the necessary Jars:

beeline> add jar gs://<Jar location>/hive-bigquery-storage-handler-1.0-shaded.jar;

At this point you can operate Hive just like you used to do.

Creating BigQuery tables

If you have BigQuery table already, here is how you can define Hive table that refer to it:

CREATE TABLE bq_test (word_count bigint, word string)
  'bq.dataset'='<BigQuery dataset name>',
  'bq.table'='<BigQuery table name>',
  ''='<Your Project ID>',
  ''='gs://<Bucket name>/<Temporary path>',
  ''='<Cloud Storage Bucket name>'

You will need to provide the following table properties:

Property Value
bq.dataset BigQuery dataset id
bq.table BigQuery table name Your project id
mapred.temp.gcs.path Temporary file location in GCS bucket Temporary GCS bucket name


  1. Writing to BigQuery will fail when using Apache Tez as the execution engine. You can use set hive.execution.engine=mr to ask Hive use MapReduce as the execution engine to workaround it.
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