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gizmodus commented May 8, 2019

Hey Cube.Js team!
I get the following yarn warnings when installing dependencies. Can these be fixed? Thank you.

warning @cubejs-backend/server-core > @cubejs-backend/schema-compiler > joi@14.3.1: This module has moved and is now available at @hapi/joi. Please update your dependencies as this version is no longer maintained an may contain bugs and security issues.

warning @cubejs-backe
bernaferrari commented Oct 11, 2019

I have begun to play with Hive and it is awesome, but sometimes frustrating because documentation is lacking some information. This might be specially difficult for newcomers (including me).

For example:

  1. How do I even init Hive? I would modify this page to inform that you need to import path_provider on Android and iOS, but not web. I would also add
hannesmiller commented Mar 7, 2017

For documentation???

Spark is great at parallel processing data already in a distributed store like HDFS but it's not really designed for ingesting data at REST from a non-distributed store like a Local File System though there is support for it, i.e. local mode.

The disadvantage of ingesting data at REST from a local file system:

  • There's no advantage in using YARN o
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