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Source code accompanying book:

Data Science on the Google Cloud Platform, 2nd Edition
Valliappa Lakshmanan
O'Reilly, Apr 2022
Branch 2nd Edition [also main]
Data Science on the Google Cloud Platform
Valliappa Lakshmanan
O'Reilly, Jan 2017
Branch edition1_tf2 (obsolete, and will not be maintained)

Try out the code on Google Cloud Platform

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The code on Qwiklabs (see below) is continually tested, and this repo is kept up-to-date.

If the code doesn't work for you, I recommend that you try the corresponding Qwiklab lab to see if there is some step that you missed. If you still have problems, please leave feedback in Qwiklabs, or file an issue in this repo.

Try out the code on Qwiklabs

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Updates to book

I updated the book in Nov 2019 with TensorFlow 2.0, Cloud Functions, and BigQuery ML.