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ogrisel commented Nov 13, 2020

Most functions in scipy.linalg functions (e.g. svd, qr, eig, eigh, pinv, pinv2 ...) have a default kwarg check_finite=True that we typically leave to the default value in scikit-learn.

As we already validate the input data for most estimators in scikit-learn, this check is redundant and can cause significant overhead, especially at predict / transform time. We should probably a

hughhhh commented Nov 5, 2020




Right now whenever users search for queries they are case sensitive. We should remove this to allow users to put in term with any cases

Design input

[describe any input/collaboration you'd like from designers, and
tag accordingly. For design review, add the
label design:review. If this includes a design proposal,
include the label `design:suggest

arw2019 commented Nov 24, 2020

We have a couple of dataframe tests (xref #13304) related to column ordering when constructed from an OrderedDict:

As of PEP 468 standard dictionaries are ordered so these tests should also work with OrderedDict

Christilut commented Nov 6, 2019

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
When working with a big piece of text, I sometimes scroll down and copy some text into another tab. When switching back to the first tab, both the input and the output pane is back on top. So I don't know where I was working just now.

Describe the solution you'd like
After tab switching, scroll position should be remembere

wetneb commented Nov 12, 2020

We have too much padding on menu entries in the left-hand side bar of the docs:


This was probably introduced by mistake in #3178.

We should restore this padding to Docusaurus' defaults - the area that needed more padding is on the right-hand side (see PR discussion).

Mentioned b

ChadFulton commented Sep 11, 2019

Collection of follow-ups to #5827. These can/should be broken out into individual PRs. Many are relatively straightforward and would make a good first PR.


  • Documentation (none was added in original PR).
  • Release notes.
  • Example notebook.
  • Double-check how sm.tsa.arima.ARIMA works with fix_params (it should fail except when the fit method is statespace

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  • Updated Feb 6, 2020
evelynmitchell commented Oct 9, 2020 includes a link to the assets/igel-help.gif, but that path is broken on readthedocs.

readme.rst is included as ../readme.rst in the sphinx build.
The gifs are in asses/igel-help.gif

The sphinx build needs to point to the asset directory, absolutely:

.. image:: /assets/igel-help.gif

I haven't made a patch, because I haven't

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