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Open Data 500

The code behind the Open Data 500.


First, fork and clone this repo.

Next, you'll need the Heroku Toolbelt.

In order to run locally, you'll need to pull down the env variables from the Heroku remote (you can obtain the URL for the remote on Heroku's settings page):

git remote add heroku <heroku remote URL>
heroku config --shell > .env

If you don't have access to an existing Heroku deployment, you'll need to configure the following variables in a .env file:


To run the server, you'll also need Python 2.7.x. Inside a virtualenv:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Use Foreman to start. The site should be available on port 5000.

Heroku local web


If you make styling changes, you'll need to install the Ruby gem sass.

gem install sass

Then, as you develop, you need to make sure to watch the css directory to re-compile on the fly:

sass --watch static/css