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  1. Graffino-Docker-Ninja Graffino-Docker-Ninja Public

    Webpack 4 based boilerplate to jumpstart your static or WordPress project.

    PHP 14 2

  2. Custom-Post-Type-Maker Custom-Post-Type-Maker Public

    Wordpress plugin that allows on the fly creation of custom posts and taxonomies.

    PHP 6 2

  3. Clear-Floats-Button Clear-Floats-Button Public

    Wordpress Tiny MCE Clear Plugin

    JavaScript 4 4

  4. Graffino-React-Starter-Template Graffino-React-Starter-Template Public template

    React + Typescript + Scss Starter Template. Prettier + Craco + Eslint + Stylelint are also configured.

    SCSS 1


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