Automatically execute scripts for directories in Xonsh Shell.
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Xontrib for Xonsh that allows automatic executions of xonsh scripts for specific directories.

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Extension which automatically executes code in .autoxsh contents as xonsh script whenever you cd into a directory that contains it. e.g.

cd testing
echo "print('it works!')" > .autoxsh
cd .
>> it works!

Some use cases:

virtual-environments with Xonsh's Vox:

echo "vox activate my_project" > my_project/.autoxsh
cd my_project
# virtualenvironment will activate here


Just do a

pip install xonsh-autoxsh

or you can clone the repo with pip

pip install git+


To automatically load autoxsh at startup, put

xontrib load autoxsh

in your .xonshrc