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Tab completion for scrapy in xonsh

[![PyPi version](]( [![PyPi license](]( [![PyPi license](]( Provides tab completion for [scrapy]( for `xonsh` console shell users. It provides auto-completion for commands and projects spiders. Project's spider names are also cached in `$SCRAPY_CACHE` for every project directory for faster completion in `scrapy crawl` and `scrapy check` commands.

If new spiders are added the cache is outdated and can be refreshed with scrapy_clear_cache alias which is created by the contrib. It clears the cache for current working directory.


Just do a

pip install xonsh-scrapy-tabcomplete

or you can clone the repo via pip for the latest version

pip install git+<this repo url>


To automatically load scrapy completion at startup, put

xontrib load scrapy_tabcomplete

in your .xonshrc