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GraphWalker is an Model-Based testing tool. It reads models in the shape of directed graphs, and generates [test] paths from these graphs.

A model can look like the one in the following image. The model is collection of arrows and nodes and together they create a graph.

Login model

  • An arrow represents an action.
  • A node represents a verification.

What GraphWalker does

Given a model and a generator rule, GraphWalker by different algorithms generates a path which corresponds to your test idea. This image illustrates such a result.

GraphWalker generating a path

The generator used above, generates a random walk and ends when all edges has been covered.

In GraphWalker that is expressed like: random(edge_coverage(100))

Then this path would be provided to the tool of your choice to execute the test.
In other words, GraphWalker is a test generation tool.

Creating models

To start creating models, the tool GraphWalker Studio is used. Find out how Studio works.

Download it

Either download the standalone jar file, or include GraphWalker in your Java project. Use the latest version 4.3.1.

In your Maven project, add this to your pom.xml file:


See more in Include Graphwalker in your maven project