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Free and open source log management
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bin Change config file locations.
config Move checkstyle.xml into config/ directory.
graylog2-bootstrap Move usage-statistics dependency from boostrap to server
graylog2-inputs Fix development version
graylog2-plugin-interfaces print more details about raw messages containing illegal payload
graylog2-radio Fix development version
graylog2-rest-client return resolved ldap groups during login test
graylog2-rest-models return resolved ldap groups during login test
graylog2-rest-routes Fix development version
graylog2-server Fix index range calculation in EsIndexRangeService#find()
graylog2-shared print more details about raw messages containing illegal payload
integration-tests Fix development version
lib/sigar-1.6.4 Add SIGAR 1.6.4
misc Remove 'elasticsearch_store_timestamps_as_doc_values' setting
.gitignore updated PR #1160
.mailmap Add Gary Bot to .mailmap file
.travis.yml Enable snapshot publishing for the 1.2 branch
AUTHORS added common files Update
COPYING added common files
README.markdown need to trigger travis for getting a recent 1.1 snapshot build netbeans project files
pom.xml update to java-grok:0.1.3-graylog



Build Status

This is Graylog, an open source log management solution.

Please follow the release announcements and documentation links on for details.


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