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Latest commit 51d5bc9 Jul 22, 2016 @dennisoelkers dennisoelkers committed with kroepke Add ordering of decorators and decoration stats to UI (#2499)
* Adding builder to SearchResponse DTO.
* Changing decorators to work on SearchResponse.
* Refresh search results when decorator config changes.
* Improving refresh on decorator changes, preventing refresh on load.
* Remove all traces of MessageDecorator.
* Providing abstract class for plugins to implement simple decorators.
* Adding license header.
* Adding ordering of decorators and adding decoration stats in response.
* Add license header.
* Not using exclusive parameter, passing false in constructor.
* Improving styling a bit.
* Extracting decorator changes from resulting search response.
* Showing decoration info in message view.
* Fixing typo.
* Adding some helpful text to explain decorators.
* Adding view for message details to show overall decoration changes.
* Update items list in SortableList component when props change.
* Disabling field analyzers for decorated fields in search sidebar.
   Also marking them as decorated and including a helpful explanation in
* Add license header.
* Exluding "streams" field from added fields.
* Fixing double analyzer registration.

   The PluginStore does not prevent double registration of plugins/exports.
This is a workaround to prevent double registration of field analyzers
due to the package index being included in the core _and_ at least one
plugin. The proper fix would be to prevent double plugin registration,
but this is beyond the scope of this PR.

* It is plural, stupid.



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