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bernd and mpfz0r Remove nonexistent "consistency" parameter from index/bulk requests (#…

* Remove nonexistent "consistency" parameter from index/bulk requests

The parameter has been removed from Elasticsearch about 2.5 years ago
before the release of 5.0 and requests have have it will fail.

This hasn't been noticed so far because it only happens when the
Indices#move() method runs. That method is only called by the
FixDeflectorByMoveJob periodical. The job doesn't run that often,

Also the only test that is using it is the MessagesIT test and that is
using "assumeTrue()" so it doesn't fail but gets skipped.

* Change MessagesIT to actually fail when the request didn't succeed

It was using "assumeTrue()" before so the test got marked as skipped
instead of failed if the request failed.
Latest commit c7422fe Dec 14, 2018
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.github Enabling No Response bot for repository. (#4469) Jan 11, 2018
bin Remove PermSize and MaxPermSize JVM parameters from graylogctl Feb 1, 2016
config Migrate to Netty 4.1 (#4397) Jan 18, 2018
docs Merge branch 'master' into cef-issue-21 Feb 19, 2018
graylog-plugin-archetype [graylog2-server] prepare for next development iteration Dec 10, 2018
graylog-plugin-parent [graylog2-server] prepare for next development iteration Dec 10, 2018
graylog-project-parent [graylog2-server] prepare for next development iteration Dec 10, 2018
graylog2-server Remove nonexistent "consistency" parameter from index/bulk requests (#… Dec 14, 2018
graylog2-web-interface Fix config paths handling for ValueReference objects (#5403) Dec 13, 2018
integration-tests [graylog2-server] prepare for next development iteration Dec 10, 2018
lib/sigar-1.6.4 Add SIGAR 1.6.4 Dec 30, 2014
misc Add default grok pattern migration (#5150) Nov 1, 2018
.editorconfig Add EditorConfig for more consistent source formatting Feb 22, 2016
.gitignore Adding HotSpot error logs to gitignore file. (#2970) Oct 18, 2016
.mailmap Add Gary Bot to .mailmap file Feb 3, 2015
.travis.yml Upgrade to Elasticsearch 5.6 (#4249) Dec 7, 2017
AUTHORS added common files May 17, 2010 Add license, and add CODE_OF_CONDUCT, and CONTRIBUTING files Apr 26, 2016 Use new get-involved URL Mar 7, 2016
COPYING Add license, and add CODE_OF_CONDUCT, and CONTRIBUTING files Apr 26, 2016
README.markdown Fix links in README (#4764) May 3, 2018
UPGRADING.rst Remove UPGRADING note about drools plugin (#5093) Oct 10, 2018 netbeans project files Jun 25, 2010
pom.xml [graylog2-server] prepare for next development iteration Dec 10, 2018



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