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The Dormancy Map

The Dormancy Map is an interactive web-based tool, that allows to interactively explore the fine-scale picture of dormancy for the 161 Swedish A. thaliana accessions.

The Dormancy map

Two different maps are available, displaying the geographic distributions of the GR21 phenotype and DOG1 haplotypes. On both maps, a piechart is assigned to each accession. Colored slices correspond to the various GR21 classes and haplotypes.

The number inside the piechart shows the number of accessions that are clustered together. Clicking on a cluster will zoom into the region and display piecharts for individual accessions or smaller clusters. Nearby accessions sharing the same coordinates are represented with an averaged piechart.

The list on the left side shows all accessions that are visible in the current view. Zooming into specific regions either by clicking on a cluster or using the Google Maps zoom control will update the list. For each accession, a red horizontal bar gives an idea of the GR21 value.

Hovering the mouse over a cluster will filter the list to display only the accessions that are part of the corresponding cluster and in addition to show a popup with a more detailed version of the piechart.

Hovering the mouse over an accession in the list will display a pin on the map at its location and clicking on the list item will zoom into that position.

A searchbox above the list allows the user to search for a specific accession using either the ID or the name.