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README for AdaEncoder

Note that you MUST connect the two pins for your rotary encoder to 2 pins on the same PORT
on the ATmega chip. If you do not, your sketch will simply reset. I should probably remove
this restriction one day.

ALWAYS make sure you are using the latest version of the ooPinChangeInt library. Check this
page for the latest version and status:

These are the PORTs on the ATmega328:
 * Arduino Pins     PORT
 * ------------     ----
 * Digital 0-7      D
 * Digital 8-13     B
 * Analog  0-5      C   (== digital pins 14-19)

ATMEGA2560 Pin Change Interrupts, pins and PORTs:

    Arduino              Arduino              Arduino
      Pin*  PORT PCINT     Pin   PORT PCINT     Pin   PORT PCINT
      A8     PK0  16       10     PB4   4       SS     PB0   0
      A9     PK1  17       11     PB5   5       SCK    PB1   1
     A10     PK2  18       12     PB6   6       MOSI   PB2   2
     A11     PK3  19       13     PB7   7     MISO   PB3   3
     A12     PK4  20       14     PJ1  10
     A13     PK5  21       15     PJ0   9
     A14     PK6  22        0     PE0   8 - this one is a little odd.*
     A15     PK7  23

* Note: Arduino Pin 0 is PE0 (PCINT8), which is RX0. Also, it is the only other
pin on another port on PCI1. Therefore, this pin is not supported by this library.


Library for handling quadrature encoders for the Arduino microcontroller.



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