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Turn Any Image Or Document Into A Mnemonic Phrase
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A picture is worth a thousand groestls


Please be warned, this project was created for fun as a proof-of-concept and has not been thoroughly tested and vetted. Generating keys from digital files is not a viable short or long-term solution for storing Groestlcoin and should not be considered beyond general, low-stake shits and giggles. The author of this project is not held responsible for any lost or stolen Groestlcoin. Please use at your own risk.


This project turns any file into a mnemonic phrase allowing users to generate Groestlcoin private keys and addresses based on the data URI of the provided file.

Demo Site


  • Download or clone the repo.
  • Open index.html in a browser of your choice.


This was simply a fun project created as a proof-of-concept.


Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information.

License MIT

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