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This project provides solutions to the Advent of Code 2015.


You can run the solutions via SBT.

First, compile the solutions:

$ sbt compile

Then, you can run the solution to a specific problem. For instance, to run the solution for the part 1 of day 1:

$ sbt "runMain aoc.day01.Part1" < src/main/resources/day01/input

To run the solution for the part 2 of day 1:

$ sbt "runMain aoc.day01.Part2" < src/main/resources/day01/input

Notes about the Provided Solutions

  1. Day 1: Not Quite Lisp
  2. Day 2: I Was Told There Would Be No Math
  3. Day 3: Perfectly Spherical Houses in a Vacuum
  4. Day 4: The Ideal Stocking Stuffer
  5. Day 5: Doesn't He Have Intern-Elves For This?
    • Usage of regular expressions and backreferences
  6. Day 6: Probably a Fire Hazard
  7. Day 7: Some Assembly Required
  8. Day 8: Matchsticks
  9. Day 9: All in a Single Night
    • Brute force approach
  10. Day 10: Elves Look, Elves Say
  11. Day 11: Corporate Policy
    • Usage of regular expressions and backreferences
  12. Day 12:
    • Usage of spray.json library
  13. Day 13: Knights of the Dinner Table
    • Similar approach to day 9
  14. Day 14: Reindeer Olympics
  15. Day 15: Science for Hungry People
  16. Day 16: Aunt Sue
  17. Day 17: No Such Thing as Too Much
  18. Day 18: Like a GIF For Your Yard
  19. Day 19: Medicine for Rudolph
    • Part 2 implements a solution using an A* algorithm
  20. Day 20: Infinite Elves and Infinite Houses
    • Solutions runs slowly.
  21. Day 21: RPG Simulator 20XX
  22. Day 22: Wizard Simulator 20XX
  23. Day 23: Opening the Turing Lock
  24. Day 24: It Hangs in the Balance
    • This solution proceeds by building a first group by ascending size and by ascending quantum entanglement. Then it checks that the other groups can be built so that all groups have the same weight.
    • It takes a few seconds to compute the solution
  25. Day 25: Let It Snow


GPLv3 - see the COPYING file.


This project provides solutions to the Advent of Code 2015.








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