Docker Devbox PHP 7.1 fpm with Nginx 1.10.3 OR Apache 2.4 on Ubuntu, Redis, Mail server, Blackfire profiler
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   Host: Windows/Linux/Mac
   Guest: Vagrant (Ubuntu 16:04 x64)
   Features: PHP 7.1 fpm with Nginx 1.10.3 :80 AND Apache 2.4 :8080 on Ubuntu, Redis, Mail server, Blackfire profiler
   Docker Containers:
   NAMES                  CONTAINER ID    CREATED AT                       CREATED        SIZE                 
   devbox-redis           21cef0e80862    2017-10-12 16:47:49 +0200 CEST   31 hours ago   0B (virtual 107MB)
   devbox-blackfire       6036ab2d0053    2017-10-12 16:47:49 +0200 CEST   31 hours ago   0B (virtual 21.6MB)
   devbox-php-nginx       c1ef009da069    2017-10-12 16:47:49 +0200 CEST   31 hours ago   83.8kB (virtual 710MB)
   devbox-php-apache      6ab2d09af114    2017-10-12 16:47:49 +0200 CEST   31 hours ago   83.8kB (virtual 670MB)
   devbox-mailserver      ea620ae114ca    2017-10-12 14:08:13 +0200 CEST   34 hours ago   0B (virtual 19.3MB)
   PHP + Nginx   at http://devbox.local
   PHP + Apache2 at http://devbox.local:8080
   Mailhog       at http://devbox.local:8025
   Mailhog SMTP  at http://devbox.local:1025
   Redis         at http://devbox.local:6379

Intitial Setup

  • Install Virtualbox, Vagrant, Git Bash
  • Add devbox.local to hosts file
  • Git clone this repo
  • copy example.env to .env
  • execute vagrant up --provision
  • Check if http://devbox.local and http://devbox.local:8080 works
  • Create project in PHPStorm or worse IDE, source is ./www directory on Windows PC
  • ./www, ./logs, ./ as /vagrant dirs 3-way sync to the Docker containers

Daily Usage

Additional Daily Usage

  • vagrant reload - restarts box, re-creates Docker containers
  • vagrant suspend - copies box to memory and suspends
  • vagrant halt - shuts down box
  • vagrant halt + vagrant destroy devbox + vagrant up - hard-reset everything
  • sudo docker-cleanup && cd /vagrant && sudo docker-compose up -d in guest box, to fully reset docker containers


  • www, logs, scripts 3-way sync: ./www directory rsyncs to /var/www of vagrant box, which rsyncs to /var/www in web container
  • Pass files to container with ./www directory or /vagrant directory
  • use docker-cleanup command to find and destroy everything Docker related within the vagrant box
  • access console of vagrant box via putty (ubuntu:ubuntu) or vagrant ssh cli command
  • once in Vagrant's console, access console of a single container:
    • sudo docker ps will output details including ID of f.i. web container
    • sudo docker exec -i -t CONTAINER_ID_HERE /bin/bash will ssh into container
    • OR by name directly: sudo docker exec -i -t `sudo docker ps -aqf "name=devbox-php-nginx"` /bin/bash
    • to execute command not shell, remove -i option from previous command
  • mailserver accepts any values, such as: <?php mail("recipient", "subject", "message", "From: Sender");
  • if vagrant up fails with "Can't locate /vagrant dir in guest box." exec vagrant reload
  • if vagrant up fails with "The machine is in the 'unknown' state. " exec vagrant halt
  • if vagrant up fails with "Temporary failure resolving ''" disable and enable network adapters in Windows host settings