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Code. Compete. Collaborate. An initiative taken to code and help people code from A-Z aimed majorly at placements, by collaborators from around the globe.
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Getting started :

This is a collaborative program for competitive coding, from scratch, till: Well let's say advanced. Multiple languages.


  • What to do currently?

    Right as of now, people who are well versed in the topics can start pushing in their comfortable language. For the people who are beginners, worry not, you can do too, and if you have doubts, raise it as issues. The syntax and instructions are given here for pushing code.

    You guys can follow the file structure which is just a template idea for now, so you know where to push what, but you have more topics? A different lanugage? No problem. Feel free to create and add new stuff.

    Important : Do update your @Username links in the contributors section!

    If any problems arrive communicate through the group or through Issues as well. Happy coding, guys!

    Important: If you want to push thing do keep it a practice to create a new branch and merge them after a pull request. This way other people can merge/review your work and also avoids conflicts with other users also in the same branch. Makes the working tree clean.

  • To-do

    • Complete the documentation.

    • Add all the contributors and add them to contributers in the documentation.

    • Create the file structure boiler plate to start pushing code.

    • Update contribution guidelines with file name syntax and code guidelines in

    • Clean up the Read-me files inside each folder created for file structure purposes and replace them with proper documentation with links for the coding questions pushed.

    • File name syntax will be updated later. (Start pushing code in the given topics or even add more by creating a new folder!)

    • Bring in topics from CodeChef, CodeForces and others.

    • Update Compiler Design and Operating system programs.

    • Bring in contributers from Reddit and other social media during December.

    • Revamp and add moderators to the program for Github management of Branches, merging and reviews.

  • Communication

    Communication is done through a LinkedIn group, join here. Other code related doubts, reviews can be put up as Github issues. Even recommendations, changes, ideas and so on for this repository.

  • Git

    New to Git? No worries. Assuming you have created an account and reading this, go ahead and download the CLI interface for GIT, here. Don't like the CLI interface? Then try out the GUI version powered by electron here. After the installation, do these steps:

    $ git config --global "Mona Lisa"
    $ git config --global ""

    Want to clone and push to this repository?

    $ git clone

    Some sources to learn git :

    Apart from Git, want to master the Mardkdown langauge? Check these out :

  • Coding

    • C/C++
      • Install TCC-MinGW compiler for executing and compiling C and C++ files.
      • Set the path to the bin of TCC by going to Environment variables and adding a new path.
      • Open command line and run the commands gcc -o outputfile filename.c and outputfilename.exe for C.
      • Respectively for C++, g++ -o outputfile filename.cpp and outputfilename.exe. This is for compilation and execution.
    • Java
      • Install the latest JDK and set path to bin.

      • Disclaimer: JDK 11 cannot be used for professional use. Stick with JDK 8 for avoiding your application from getting stripped down.

      • Setting path is easy as this - C:\Guru> set path=%path%;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_101\bin. Run this in cmd.

      • Open command line and run C:\Guru> javac and C:\Guru> java filename.

      • Important: Rename .java files to the respective class names (Having PSVM) or vice-versa for compilation.

      • Preferences : Try not to define packages especially working with IntelliJ IDEA as if two different classes are in different packages, and is dependent, file moving to this repository, it will affect the local file structure.

    • Python
      • Install Python for Windows.
      • Set the path and enter python in cmd to enter the python shell.
      • To execute a script file run python

    The sources for solving problem statements and practicing code?

Company-Wise Questions

These are questions done according to different company-specific exams and you can find them here. More company specific codes will be updated as time passes.


Not a contributor? Pull requests are always appretiated and accepted by the moderators here. Want to become a contributor with push access? Drop me a mail and mark it as important.

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