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Copyright © 2016, Howard S. Edidin


Microsoft Azure's DocumentDB is a great PaaS NoSQL database. It supports Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions (UDF) and Triggers. A REST API is directly available, but a API Connector is not available. This project started off as an API Connector.

I started off trying to duplicate all the DocumentDB published REST API in Swagger. I used SwaggerHub to author the Swagger JSON file. I then used the Add REST API function in VS 2015 to generate the code for my API Application.

Source code


You can view all the Operations on my Wiki


The flowing operations are currently working:

  • Get an Offer
  • List Offers
  • Replace an Offer
  • Querying Offers
  • Create a Database
  • Get a Database
  • List Databases
  • Delete a Database
  • Create a User
  • Get a User
  • List Users
  • Delete a User
  • Create a Permission
  • Get a Permission
  • List Permissions
  • Replace a Permission
  • Delete a Permission
  • Create a Document
  • Get a Document
  • List Documents
  • Replace a Document
  • Delete a Document
  • Create an Attachment
  • Get an attachment
  • Create a Collection
  • Get a Collection
  • List Collections
  • Delete a Collection
  • Register a Stored Procedure
  • Execute a stored procedure
  • List stored procedures
  • Replace a stored procedure
  • Delete a stored procedure
  • Query a UDF
  • Query a Trigger
  • Query a Collection Resource
  • Query a Document Resource


  • Auto generation of the Authorization Header to populate the header parameter
  • Create a trigger
  • Replace a trigger
  • Delete a trigger
  • List triggers
  • Create a UDF
  • Replace a UDF
  • Delete a UDF
  • Replace an attachment
  • List attachments
  • Delete attachments
  • Security for accessing the API

Future Functionality

  • Enumeration of stored procedures to select from for Execute a stored procedure.
    • This should be a drop down list on the API Docs

Configure Swagger

You will need to modify in the Swagger file Replace YourDocumentDBAccount with your DocumentDB Account Name


The VS 2015 Project was added. The project is an API App. The code has ben refactored using ReSharper. You will need to restore the packages.

The DocumentDBConnector.cs is the base class.

The DocumentDbAccount public property is required. This is the same value as YourDocumentDBAccount


  • 1.0.0 - 2015-12-14 - Initial Release
  • 1.0.1 - 2016-01-01 - Reviewed Documentation
  • 1.0.2 - 2016-02-01 - Added Query a Resource to the Unimplemented list
  • 1.0.3 - 2016-03-01 - Added Query Collection Resource and Query Document Resource; Added details to Operation Descriptions including links to external documentation to the Swagger. Source code has not been updated
  • 1.0.4 - 2016-03-02 - Added List stored procedures, Replace a stored procedure, Delete a stored procedure

Contributing to DocumentDB-REST

I am willing to accept pull requests that implements any unimplemented functionality listed as "Unimplemented" above. I would also like to hear any feedback for people using it.