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A python interface to the QuEST quantum simulator (cffi based)
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PyQuEST-cffi is a python interface to QuEST based on cffi developed by HQS Quantum Simulations. QuEST is an open source toolkit for the simulation of quantum circuits (quantum computers).

PyQuEST-cffi provides two main functionalities:

  1. An interactive python to QuEST interface based on cffi, mapping QuEST functions to python and executing them during runtime.

  2. A compile function generating a complete QuEST c-source-file from python calls, building it and importing it into python via cffi ).

For more information see the detailed code documentation


Please note, PyQuEST-cffi is currently in the beta stage and not an official QuEST project.

In the developing branches of QuEST the QuEST project has implemented a ctypes-based python interface QuestPy for unit testing.

Do not assume that any bugs occuring using PyQuEST-cffi are QuEST bugs unless the same bug occurs when compiling/using a QuEST c-programm with the official release version of QuEST.


We do provide a PyPi source packages. The recommended way to install PyQuEST-cffi is

pip install pyquest_cffi

If you want to install PyQuEST-cffi in development mode we recommend

# PyQuEST-cffi add QuEST as a git submodule
git clone --recurse-submodules
pip install -e pyquest_cffi/
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