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Portable HSA (PHSA)

PHSA is a project aiming to implement the Heterogeneous System Architecture standard's software parts (PRM and the runtime). The goal is a high performance HSA implementation which is portable to a variety of platforms. The supported Kernel agents also include non-GPU-style processors such as CPUs and DSPs.

This repository includes instructions for adapting and using the multiple software components that together form phsa.


phsa currently consists of two software components which can be used to implement HSA support to a new platform:

  • gccbrig adds HSAIL input to gcc, thus providing BRIG/HSAIL finalization support for processors that have a gcc backend,
  • phsa-runtime, generic implementation of HSA Runtime Specification 1.0. It is designed to be used with the GCC's BRIG frontend for finalization support.

IRC channel

phsa's IRC channel is in #phsa (irc.oftc.net)


  • Portable Computing Language (pocl), an open portable OpenCL implementation with an HSA driver. This can be added on top of phsa for OpenCL 1.2/2.0 programming support.