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A javascript text to speech (TTS) library. Originally from and used by

Give a voice to your website in a matter of minutes. Talkify library provides you with high quality text to speech (TTS) voices in many languages.

Important notice (14th Nov 2017)

Version 2.0.0 will require an api-key to use our backend services (our hosted voices). Visit our portal ( to create your own API-key, each key includes 1000 free requests per month.

The old endpoints will be open for some period of time but are obsolete, this is to ensure that our current users will have time to fetch their own api-key.

This change does not affect the browser-built-in voices, i.e. Html5Player, since they do not communicate with our backend service.


$ bower install talkify


$ npm install talkify-tts


  • None


Working fiddle

Include the scripts

Minified version

<script src="talkify.min.js"></script>

Non-minified version

<script src="talkify.js"></script>

Play all, top to bottom

    var player = new talkify.TtsPlayer().enableTextHighlighting();

    new talkify.playlist()
        .withElements(document.querySelectorAll('p')) //<--Any element you'd like. Leave blank to let Talkify make a good guess
        .build() //<-- Returns an instance.

Play simple text

var player = new talkify.TtsPlayer(); //or new talkify.Html5Player()
player.playText('Hello world');


  • High qualiy voices
  • Light weight (15-25Kb minified)
  • Multi lingual with built in language detection (i.e. if the text is in english, an english voice is used). Supported languages:
    • English
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Swedish
    • German
  • Text highligting for easy read along
  • Download as mp3
  • Playback of entire website or paragraph/s of your choice


talkify.config = {
    remoteService: {
        host : '',
        apiKey = 'your-api-key',
        active: true //True to use Talkifys language engine and hosted voices. False only works for Html5Player.
        audioControls: { //If enabled, replaces the built in audio controls. Especially good for the Web Speech API bits
            enabled: false,
            container: document.body


Talkify lives in its own namespace - talkify. Hence, everything below is scoped to that namespace (i.e. talkify.playlist, etc).

Playlist fluent builder

Playlist builder is Talkifys way to instantiate your playlist. It comes with a fluent API.

Entry point: talkify.playlist()

Method Parameters Default Description Mandatory
begin Entry point. Call this to start building your playlist Yes
usingPlayer TtsPlayer/Html5Player Specify which player to be used. Yes
withTextInteraction Enables you to click on paragraphs (and other text) to play No
withElements DOM elements Specifies with elements to play. If omitted, Talkify will crawl the page and select for you No
withRootSelector string 'body' Sets the scope from where Talkify will start to crawl the page for text to play No
subscribeTo Json object Event subscriptions No
build Finalizes and creates the playlist instance Yes


This is the instance built from the playliste above.

Method Parameters Default Description
getQueue Returns the playlist queue
play Begins playback of playlist
pause Pauses playlist
replayCurrent Replays the current item in the playlist
insert DOM element Inserts new html elements to play. Useful for elements that Talkify were unable to locate. Elements will be inserted in correct order with respect to the page.
isPlaying True if any item is currently in a playing state
setPlayer TtsPlayer/Html5Player Sets the player that the playlist is using
enableTextInteraction Enables click to play on HTML elements
disableTextInteraction Disables click to play on HTML elements
dispose Clean up

Playlist Events


Player (valid for all players)

Method Parameters Default Description
enableTextHighlighting Tells the player to use text highlighting. For Html5Player this only works on localVoice.
disableTextHighlighting Turns off text highlighting.
subscribeTo Json object Event listeners
playText string Plays a text
paused True if paused
isPlaying True if playing
play Play
pause Pause
forceVoice object For Talkify hosted voices, this is a JSON object with a name property. The value of name should be the name of a voice from /api/speech/v1/voices. For browser voices, this is the actual voice from window.speechSynthesis.getVoices()

Html5Player only

Entry point: talkify.Html5Player().

Method Parameters Default Description
forceLanguage string Force the usage of a specific language. Use standard cultures like se-SE for Swedish and so on. Talkify will select a voice that matches the culture.
setRate double 1 Playback rate. A value between 0.0 - 2.0
setVolume double 1 Volume. A value between 0.0 - 1.0

Talkify hosted only

Entry point: talkify.TtsPlayer().

Method Parameters Default Description
setRate int 1 Playback rate. A value between 1 and 3

Player Events




Please note that this library talks with a backend that is driven by personal fundings, therefore I intend to keep it free of charge until no longer possible. A rule of thumb: If you have a commersial product with heavy traffic, then a restriction or fee might be introduced to call the server.