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AsterYujano commented Oct 5, 2019


  • Leon version: latest
  • OS (or browser) version: Fedora 30
  • Node.js version: 10.16.3
  • Complete "npm run check" output:
➡ Here is the diagnosis about your current setup
✔ Run
✔ Run modules
✔ Reply you by texting
❗ Amazon Polly text-to-speech
❗ Google Cloud text-to-speech
❗ Watson text-to-speech
❗ Offline text-to-speech
❗ Google Cloud speech-to-text
❗ Watson spee

😝 TensorFlowTTS: Real-Time State-of-the-art Speech Synthesis for Tensorflow 2 (supported including English, French, Korean, Chinese, German and Easy to adapt for other languages)

  • Updated Sep 16, 2021
  • Python
jasondiab commented Mar 12, 2021

I tried both espeak-ng-20191129-b702b03-x64.msi and espeak-ng-20191129-b702b03-x86.msi
as well as building the project from the source code but the Arabic language isn't showing up in all cases. The build was successful but the Arabic language doesn't show up when I try to check "espeak-ng --voices"

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