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Paladin is an open source integrated development environment (IDE) for Haiku OS


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Paladin is an open source integrated development environment (IDE) modeled after BeOS' BeIDE. It can use fastdep and ccache to speed up builds if you have them installed.

To build: run pkgman install devel:libpcre unittest++_devel and then run ./ 1


  • Command-line build support

  • Quick Find a file by name with Alt+F, with abbreviations (E.g. QFW finds QuickFindWindow.cpp)

  • Multithreaded builds

  • Revision control-friendly project files

  • More run options for projects

  • Explicit support for debugging with gdb under Haiku

  • Bundled helper tools

  • Streamlined project settings

  • Out-of-the-box support for Lex and Yacc

  • Support for text and binary resource files

  • Projects can include notes and other files that aren't source code

  • Project templates

  • Out-of-the-box makefile generation

  • Integrated source code management

  • 1-click project backups

Starting a Project

  • Install Paladin from HaikuDepot.

  • Open Paladin.

  • Select Create New Project.


  • Select Project Type from the dropdown menu, give your project a name, a file name and save destination and click Create Project.


  • Select the file you want to code in.

Here's how an editor window looks like:


(Code excerpt from HexVexed)

  • Press Alt+R to compile and run your program.

Some Very Useful Features

Dealing with Errors

While warnings will not stop Paladin from continuing to build a project, if an error occurs, Paladin will stop the build so that the errors can be corrected. Errors are listed in pink; warnings are listed in yellow. Double-clicking on an error or warning will open up the file containing it in the editor. The Copy to Clipboard button will copy all visible errors and/or warnings to the system clipboard for pasting into other documents.


Backing Up Projects

Your project can be quickly placed into a compressed archive in a folder of your choosing with your project's name and timestamp for the backup with just a click of this menu item.


Helper Tools

Developers seem to need a wide variety of tools when writing code. Paladin includes a few small accessories to complement the main development environment. An ASCII table, Regular expression tester, Symbol finder and a tool to easily choose a license for your project can be accessed from the Tools menu.