1.4.2 USB-interfaced sniper rifles

@Hamcha Hamcha released this Aug 27, 2016 · 2 commits to master since this release

What's new

  • Version detection is now done (when available) using the new SVC 0x2E in Luma3DS 6.1 and up. This should be a more reliable way of detecting the version which shouldn't break as often. (and will work even if there are issues with the payload path).
  • Luma Updater should now obey parental control lockout.1

1. I didn't test this thoroughly so if there are any problems please write a detailed issue


  • The old algorithm for detecting version by searching the payload (still used for the backup version) now correctly detect Luma3DS 6.0 and up.

Deprecation warning

  • Due to changes in the old payload-searching algorithm AuReiNand payloads will not be recognized anymore. For upgrading FROM AuReiNand to Luma3DS either do the migration manually (using these guides) or use LumaUpdater v1.4.1

Thanks to

  • @astronautlevel2 for finding out how the version control broke and telling me!
  • @TuxSH for telling me about SVC 0x2E and the Luma3DS team for making that feature!
  • @LiquidFenrir for proposing and helping me with the parental control lockout feature

QR code for FBI

QR Code

1.4.1 Mistake of the year edition

@Hamcha Hamcha released this Jun 19, 2016 · 9 commits to master since this release

Made a silly mistake and broke stable builds. Made a new release so everyone who has 1.4 can use the updater's self-update function to get the new one.


  • Fix 7z extraction (stable releases)


1.4 Downlioading 6 Terabytes

@Hamcha Hamcha released this Jun 19, 2016 · 10 commits to master since this release

What's new

  • Luma Updater now has a self-updater and by default checks for its updates when starting. This behavior can be disabled from the configuration file.
  • Luma Updater can now update Menuhax (Luma3DS.dat) and homebrew (Luma3DS.3dsx) installs of Luma3DS. Check this guide on how to setup Luma Updater accordingly.
  • The configuration file can now be positioned in the same folder as the Luma Updater 3dsx file (if the 3dsx version is used)
  • Added integrity checks for the downloaded payloads to avoid installing corrupt versions of Luma3DS
  • Added logging update process to file (for reports in case of crashes or bugs)

To turn off log files and/or tweaking of the other options, I created a page documenting all the configuration options available in the wiki, along a couple guides on how to get started.


  • Changed the left/right arrows to up/down ones.. because the menu is navigated with up/down, not left/right.
  • Fixed the version check when displaying if you have the latest hourly installed or not
  • Fixed bug with changelog paging

Thanks to

  • wedge for the bug reports
  • @maorninja for testing menuhax updating

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QR Code

1.3 subverting toothbrushes $

@Hamcha Hamcha released this Jun 7, 2016 · 62 commits to master since this release

What's new

  • The bottom screen now shows the changelog from the latest stable version of Luma3DS, if the changelog is too long it can be browsed as multiple pages using the L and R buttons
  • Made fetching and upgrading sort of nicer to see by moving all the operation text on the bottom screen while showing a progress bar on the top screen
  • Dev hourlies support


  • Luma Updater is now all bundled in a .zip file containing the usual sample configuration file, the 3dsx/sdmh files for launching it from Homebrew Launcher and (at last) a CIA build for installing it as a HomeMenu app.

Thanks to

  • @d0k3 for most of the ideas that turned into features for this version (Changelog and dev hourlies)
  • @astronautlevel2 for making dev hourlies a reality
  • @ailesc and @ksanislo for the bug reports

A note about auto updating

This version was supposed to ship with partial support to auto-updating (that is, it was going to be limited to the 3dsx version) but I preferred to move it back a version to ship this one sooner. Most of my work for 1.4 will be to have full auto-updating support (that is, for both 3dsx and CIA) and maybe some extra features (menuhax maybe?).

Release name inspired by this @dril tweet

QR code for FBI

QR Code


@Hamcha Hamcha released this May 2, 2016 · 96 commits to master since this release

A note about 1.1 and newer versions of Luma3DS

Due to how Luma3DS Updater checks for updates, it always downloads the first available file of the newest release.. which, since Luma3DS v5.3, happened to be the dev build. I am mortified for anyone who got in trouble (eShop bans and the likes) because of this1, I never predicted the possibility of two types of builds being released at once.

What's new

  • Support for multiple types of release (which, as of 5.4, means standard and developer).
  • Support for astronautlevel's hourlies2
  • Automatic payload name migration (like sel_NAME.bin → select_NAME.bin) for versions up to 5.4
  • Support for restoring .bak backups (useful for recovering from bugged hourlies or unstable builds)

Release name inspired by @dril

EDIT: Reploaded due to some memory issues when compiled with optimization maxed.

1. Not knowing about the risks of using the dev version myself I didn't give this bug much importance (just mentioned it on a comment on Reddit), so my sincere thanks to /u/pj931 for making a proper PSA.
2. As astronautlevel's hourlies don't have any special tag in the payload itself, Luma3DS Updater can't detect what specific hourly you have installed, but only the official version closest to it

1.1.2 nine hundred pictures of guns

@Hamcha Hamcha released this Apr 27, 2016 · 113 commits to master since this release

ARN Updater is now Luma3DS Updater

Since AuReiNand has changed name, so has this project.

What's new

  • Luma3DS Updater now shows the currently installed version, if able to detect it
  • Backups can now be disabled in the configuration, just change the backup option to no


  • The configuration file is now called lumaupdater.cfg, and can be put in one of three places:
    • In your root folter (/lumaupdater.cfg)
    • In your Luma3DS folder (/luma/lumaupdater.cfg)
    • In your 3DS folder (/3DS/lumaupdater.cfg)
  • If running AuReiNand (<5.2) Luma3DS Updater will now try1 to migrate your aurei folder to luma

Release title inspired by @dril

1. There is a small bug where the old aurei folder cannot be deleted even after all files have been correctly moved, I haven't managed to solve it in a reasonable time frame and considered more important releasing this ASAP than lose more days on it. The more time it takes the less the entire migration thing is going to be useful.

1.0.0 the boys are back in town

@Hamcha Hamcha released this Apr 20, 2016 · 143 commits to master since this release

Path changing!

arnupdate fully supports patching AuReiNand payloads to have their path modified, this makes it possible to use other payloads for boot like BootAnim9 or CTRBootManager9.

Configuration file

arnupdate now has a configuration file called arnupdate.cfg that has to be put on the root of the SD card and will contain settings.
Right now the only setting is the payload path for the path changer, you can modify the one included in the .zip to match your payload name/path.
AuRei's limit for path length is 37 characters, so be sure to be inside that limit.

If you don't need the path changer you can even omit having the configuration file at all, arnupdate will use arm9loaderhax.bin as default (and therefore skip the path changing completely)

Why 1.0

Since I think this makes the homebrew "ready for general use", I preferred to make a big leap to 1.0 (stable) rather than go with 0.2 (pre-release).


  • Added configuration file for properties such as payload path
  • Added optional path changing to the downloaded arm9loaderhax.bin
  • Added a size check to verify that the payload is small enough to work
  • Added colors to the menus

Still no support for hourlies or a CIA build, sorry. I'll work on it these next days!

Name is again, as it's been and will continue to be, inspired by @dril

0.1.0 how to become a millionaire

@Hamcha Hamcha released this Apr 17, 2016 · 157 commits to master since this release

First prerelease!
I am leaving out features that some people will not need (although I do) such as payload path changing or hourlies for now.
For two days of work, it is what it is.

What it does so far:

  • Checks out the latest available release of AuReiNand
  • Asks if you want to download (no checks for current installed release or anything)
  • Backups current installed arm9loaderhax.bin to arm9loaderhax.bin.bak (if it fails, the update is aborted)
  • Downloads the 7z (curse you Aurora, LZMA is hell)
  • Extracts the local arm9loaderhax.bin over the current one

Have fun!

Release name inspired by @dril