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Toolbox contains different useful classes and methods e.g.

  • Extendable event system (similar to JavaFX events) in package eu.hansolo.toolbox.evt
  • Properties (very similar to JavaFX properties incl. bindings) in package
  • Tuples in package eu.hansolo.toolbox.tuples
  • Unit converter in package eu.hansolo.toolbox.unit
  • Helper class with lots of useful methods e.g. clamp etc.
  • Statistics class containing methods like average, median etc.
  • ObservableList (wrapped CopyOnWriteArrayList) in package eu.hansolo.toolbox.observables
  • ObservableMap<K,V> (wrapped ConcurrentHashMap<K,V>) in package eu.hansolo.toolbox.observables
  • ObservableMatrix (wrapped AtomicReference<T[][]) in package eu.hansolo.toolbox.observables
  • StateMachine in package eu.hansolo.toolbox.statemachine
  • EventBus in package eu.hansolo.toolbox.evtbus
  • Common date and time formats eu.hansolo.toolbox.time
  • GeoLocation to store lat/lon coordinates and do simple calculations eu.hansolo.toolbox.geo
  • System info (incl. architecture, logical and physical cores, memory info, filesystem info and jvm info)

Toolbox will be used in projects like TilesFX, Medusa, Countries, Charts etc.