A simple library that will help you use button interfaces, doesn't do any debounce so use nice buttons. Makes it easier to do holds, to get into other menus, button canceling for really responsive menues.
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A simple library that will help you use button interfaces, doesn't do any debounce. Makes it easier to do holds, repeats, combinations of buttons, e.g. to get into other menus button canceling force you let up before it will trigger agian, makes for really responsive and smooth menues. All while using not using interrupts or delays. MUST be in a looping part of code, it only runs once per invocation sampling frequency is limited by the speed of loop it is put in.

Class Variables


      press = true when state = true. If lock = true this will still report the actual state of the state parameter.


      hold = 1 when state = true and is incremented by 1 for every duration of repeatDelay that state = true and is reset when to 0 when state = false


      lock = true until state = false after state() is called with clearMenu = true. This is very useful for differentiating between press or start of a combo hold.


      commit = true when state transitions from true to false. When commit = true hold will still have valid data until state() is called again. This is useful if you don't want to wear out an EEPROM address by writing values on every increment.

Function usage

#####btn(uint8 pin, uint16 repeatDelay)

  • pin

What pin you are you trying to monitor. If you are using the particular instance of this library for combo of button states or someother signal just reuse a pin used in another instance.

  • repeatDelay

    This is the time in ms between increments of the class variable hold this allows you to adjust the grainularity of your hold time data

#####state(bool state, bool clearMenu)

      state() function will update the class variables hold and press. hold will return 1 if a button is pressed but has not been held for longer than repeatDelay it will then then increment by one for every duration of repeatDelay that that state = true. press varible will return true whenever state = true

  • state

    All of the data is generated based on when this state changes to true, you could put in btn1.press && btn2.press to beable to determine if both are being pressed and how long both are held together.

  • clearnMenu

    This should be set to true in situations that you want to make sure that all btn.hold values are zerod and will not increment again until state = false at which point it then operate as normal again. This is very useful when entering into a menu without having to set up new varibles or other messy flag solutions.

#####pinState(bool clearMenu)

This function is the same as state() except it uses digitalRead(pin) for the state variable

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