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#libPurple core-answerscripts plugin

  • Most hackable pidgin plugin!
  • Framework for hooking scripts to respond received messages (and maybe bit more in future) for various libpurple clients such as pidgin or finch
  • This simple plugin just passes every single message received by any libPurple-based client (pidgin,finch) to script(s) in user's home directory... So you can add various hooks.
  • There are already few sample (answer)scripts in ./purple directory, so you can check how easy it is to write some script for pidgin or finch...

##What can this do for me?

There are lot of hacks that you can do with this simple framework if you know some basic scripting. eg.:

  • Map any response to any incomming message (You can even use some substitutions and regexes)
  • Forward your instant messages to email, SMS gateway, text-to-speech (eg. espeak) or something...
  • Remote control your music player (or anything else on your computer) using instant messages
  • Simple IRC/Jabber/ICQ/XMPP/Facebook bot (you can run finch in headless screen on server)
  • Providing some service (Searching web, Weather info, System status, RPG game...)
  • BackDoor (even unintentional one - you've been warned)
  • Loging and analyzing messages
  • Connect IM with Arduino
  • Annoy everyone with spam (and probably get banned everywhere)
  • Anything else that you can imagine... (i'm looking forward to hearing your stories)

##Writing own (answer)scripts

  • Check example scripts in ./purple/answerscripts.d/ to see how easy it is
  • Basically
    • Each time you receive message, the main script (answerscripts.exe on M$ Windows) is executed on background
    • Every line that is outputed by this script to it's STDOUT is sent as response to message that executed it
    • Following environment values are passed to the script (ANSW_L = local user, ANSW_R = remote user = your buddy who sent the message):
      • ANSW_ACTION (what happend: IM/CHAT/UNKNOWN, show setting dialog, event, etc...)
      • ANSW_MSG (text of the message)
      • ANSW_MSG_HIGHLIGHTED (was my nick mentioned in message? true/false)
      • ANSW_PROTOCOL (protocol used to deliver the message. eg.: xmpp, irc,...)
      • ANSW_R_NAME (ID of remote user - "buddy")
      • ANSW_R_GROUP (group which contains that buddy OR empty string)
      • ANSW_R_ALIAS (buddy's OPTIONAL alias, server alias, contact alias, username OR empty string)
      • ANSW_R_STATUS (unique ID of remote user's status. eg.: available, away,...)
      • ANSW_R_ROOM_NAME (Chatroom name)
      • ANSW_R_STATUS_MSG (status message set by your buddy)
      • ANSW_L_NAME (ID of local user)
      • ANSW_L_ALIAS (OPTIONAL alias of local user OR empty string)
      • ANSW_L_STATUS (unique ID of local user's status. eg.: available, away,...)
      • ANSW_L_STATUS_MSG (status message set by local user)
      • ANSW_L_AGENT (ID of IM client used with answerscripts)
      • ANSW_L_AGENT_VERSION (Version of client)
    • WARNING: You should mind security (don't let attackers to execute their messages/nicks!)
    • I guess that you will want to use more than one answerscript, so i made such answerscript which will execute all answerscripts in ~/.purple/answerscripts.d
      • It's quite smart and all you need to do is set the filenames and permissions of answerscripts in that directory properly...
      • See it's (./purple/ comments for rest of documentation...

###Example Following answerscript will reply to each incoming private message if you are not available. Reply will consist of two messages: one with username of your buddy who sent you a message and text of that message; and second with your status message. Simple huh?

[ "$ANSW_ACTION" = 'IM' ] && [ "$ANSW_L_STATUS" != 'available' ] && {
	echo "<$ANSW_R_NAME> $ANSW_MSG"
	echo "My status: $ANSW_L_STATUS_MSG";

##Building & installation

###From packages


  • The libpurple header files are needed to compile the plugin.

  • To build and install : You can compile the plugin using

      $ make

    and install it with

      $ make install

    This will install it in ~/.purple/plugins so that only the user who install it can use it.

      $ make user

    Install main script and sample answerscripts to ~/.purple/answerscripts.d/

  • To install it for everybody on your computer,

      $ make
      $ su
      # make install PREFIX="/path/to/libpurple" (this command as root user)

    generally /path/to/libpurple is /usr or /usr/local. If you don't know the path then you can find out using

      $ whereis libpurple

    and look for the part before "/lib/".


Most-hackable Pidgin plugin! Framework for hooking scripts to respond received messages for various libpurple clients such as pidgin or finch







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