a simple command-line task manager written in ruby
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j - task manager (v0.5.1)

j, stands for jot and is a simple command-line task manager written in Ruby. Inspired by t- which was written in Python.


   gem install j


As of version 0.6.11, the executable is available as both "j" and "jot". So feel free to use whichever you feel is world changing ;)


  • List todo tasks: j

  • List all tasks: j -a

  • List finished tasks: j -f

  • Mark a task as done: j -m <key> For example: j -m 3

  • Delete a task: j -d <key>

  • Clear task list by deleting the .todo file (will be recreated later when needed): j -c

  • Display the scroll to use the magic: j -h

Key is a number that you will find next to a task, when you list tasks. It isn't the same everytime. So watch out!

All tasks are stored in the .todo file in your $HOME directory. However, if your current directory contains a .todo file, then that file will be used.