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Hathor Network

Connect to Hathor testnet

Run (assuming virtualenv is active):

hathor-cli run_node --listen tcp:8000:interface= --testnet

You can include --status 8001 to run a status web server in port 8001. To access your status server, open the brower in http://localhost:80001/.

By default, it will listen in all interfaces (

You have two wallet options: Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet (hd) and KeyPair simple wallet (keypair)

To decide which wallet you are going to use run with --wallet hd, for example. Default value is 'hd'

For hd wallet you can run --words and --passphrase to set the words and passphrase used to generate the initial seed

Build for pypy on MacOS with Brew

pipenv sync -d

Run a simple test in one computer

Open a pipenv shell (or activate virtualenv):

pipenv shell

First run a server which listens for new connections:

hathor-cli run_node --listen tcp:8000

Then, run a client which connects to the server. You may run as many clients as you want.

hathor-cli run_node --bootstrap tcp:

To run multiple nodes in one server:

hathor-cli run_node --hostname localhost --listen tcp:8000 --status 8080 --peer peer0.json --data ./peer0/data/
hathor-cli run_node --hostname localhost --listen tcp:8001 --status 8081 --peer peer1.json --data ./peer1/data/ --bootstrap tcp:

Run a simple miner

Assuming virutlenv:

hathor-cli run_miner http://localhost:8080/mining --sleep 0.1

If you're running a miner, make sure you start the node with --wallet /mywallet parameter to specify the wallet directory. You can create a wallet using the script.

python --count 50 --directory /mywallet

Generate a peer id

To generate a random peer id, run:

hathor-cli gen_peer_id > peer_id.json

Then, you can use this id in any server or client through the --peer parameter. For instance:

hathor-cli run_node --listen tcp:8000 --peer peer_id.json

Cheat Sheets

Assuming virtualenv is active, otherwise prefix make commands with pipenv run.

Check if code seems alright:

make check

Test and coverage:

make tests

Generate Sphinx docs:

cd docs
make html
make latexpdf

The output will be written to docs/_build/html/.

How to create a full-node in Ubuntu 16.04

First, install all packages:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install --assume-yes python3 python3-dev python3-pip build-essential
sudo apt install --assume-yes supervisor  # optional
pip3 install -U pipenv

Then, install hathor-python:

git clone
cd hathor-python/
pipenv sync

Generate grpc/protobuf modules:

pipenv run make protos

Then, generate your peer_id.json:

pipenv run hathor-cli gen_peer_id > peer_id.json

Finally, you can run your node.

Daemonizing with Supervisor

Create a run_hathord with execution permission:

exec pipenv run hathor-cli run_node --hostname <YOUR_HOSTNAME_OR_PUBLIC_IP_ADDRESS> --listen tcp:40403 --status 8001 --testnet --peer peer_id.json

There follows a configuration template to Supervisor:


Recommended aliases to control hathord:

alias stop-hathord='sudo supervisorctl stop hathord'
alias start-hathord='sudo supervisorctl start hathord'
alias status-hathord='sudo supervisorctl status hathord'
alias restart-hathord='sudo supervisorctl restart hathord'
alias p2p-hathord='curl http://localhost:8001/'

Notes for running on Windows 10

A few additional steps are required to run the code on Windows:

  • If pip install has trouble installing twisted, install it from a wheel file appropriate for your environment.

    For example: download from a repo of wheel files and then:

    pip install Twisted-18.7.0-cp36-cp36m-win_amd64.whl

After this succeeds, you should be able to install the other requirements normally:

pip install -r requirements.txt
  • You may need to create a \tmp directory manually for the tests to run:

    mkdir c:\tmp

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