A Discord & IRC bot that relays messages
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This project is a simple Discord/IRC bot that relays irc messages to and from a Discord channel. This bot's goal is to provide a bridge between IRC channels and Discord text channels as seamlessly as possible.


  • Discord emoji name conversion (<:thinking:213123123> -> :thinking:)
  • Discord user mention conversion (<@293102930912> -> Headline)
  • Discord channel mention conversion (<#9102930912509> -> #general)
  • Discord intended escaping -> escaped output (\#general -> #general)
  • Auto code block hastebin.com uploads. (code blocks created like ``` <code> ``` will be uploaded)
  • IRC +v and +o flags are expressed in Discord as '+' & '@', respectively.
  • Discord attachment uploads expressed as urls to IRC



Much of the code was adapted from VoiDeD's bot, so many thanks for the guidance. Also I'd like to thank the guys on #opensteamworks in gamesurge irc.