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Pete Hellicar & Joel Gethin Lewis


Augmented Sparkle Mirror for a children's performance

Updated Feb 24, 2016

Objective-C 0 0


Open Source interface for recording and replaying sounds activated by the movement of estimotes

Updated Feb 15, 2016


An installation as part of the Circulate series of projects in London.

Updated Dec 18, 2015


forked from antoniomechas/ofxWaterRipple

Updated Dec 7, 2015


Simple Analog Clock

Updated Nov 6, 2015


Show control, Computer Vision and AudioVisual cueing system for an experimental theatre project.

Updated Nov 5, 2015

Makefile 0 0


A travelling show of interactions.

Updated Oct 5, 2015

Objective-C++ 1 0


An interactive audio installation that combines live audio effects and positional samples in real time to make a educational and entertaining bespoke experience.

Updated Jun 16, 2015


A projection mapped sculptural installation that reacts to audio locally and images over social networks.

Updated Jun 11, 2015


A Series of Interactive Applications for Children on the Autistic Spectrum

Updated May 6, 2015


A series of camera and audio reactive installations for a fashion brand.

Updated Apr 16, 2015


A broadcast system

Updated Dec 18, 2014

Processing 2 0


A audio reactive LED sculpture.

Updated Oct 20, 2014

JavaScript 0 0


Web based Digital Kaleidoscope

Updated Oct 14, 2014


A real time interactive mosaic made by combining a live video feed with still imagery from social networks.

Updated Sep 11, 2014


Longitude is a multi-platform theatre experience running across three episodic performances that use Google Hangouts to connect performers in Barcelona, Lagos and London. Set in a near-future when water has become a scarce resource, Longitude will tell the story of five characters endeavouring to smuggle and sell water to Nigeria, and make a kil…

Updated Sep 2, 2014


An interactive installation for the National Trust.

Updated Aug 5, 2014


Project Donk is an installation that allows for gestural input into a projection mapped installation that displays live social response from Twitter.

Updated Aug 5, 2014


An interactive broadcast system that takes input from multiple types of cameras, mixes them, adds a graphical layer based on computer vision analysis of the live shot and allows for control of that layer via social network interaction.

Updated Jul 28, 2014

JavaScript 1 0


The websystem for Project Victory

Updated Jul 28, 2014

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