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A collection of links to Ukrainian language tools


Chat bots and other on-line tools


On-line translation tools

Pre-trained translation models

Translation APIs / deployable containers / workflow integration

Computer-aided translation / interactive translation:

Deployable MT server solutions, web apps, docker containers:


Example use for hf models (Ukrainian - English):

from transformers import pipeline
pipe = pipeline("translation", model="Helsinki-NLP/opus-mt-tc-big-zle-en")
print(pipe("Мене звати Вольфґанґ і я живу в Берліні."))

# [{'translation_text': 'My name is Wolfgang and I live in Berlin.'}]

European Language Grid:

MT Data sets

Tools to handle data:

Speech recognition and synthesis (ASR, TTS)

Resources from ELRA, may be provided free of charge. Please contact

Resources from ELG:

Language models

Linguistic tools

  • pymorph2 - morphological analyzer for Russian and Ukrainian

Other LT resources and links