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A repository for automating Http ,Load balancer and Ords (oracle rest data service)
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Automation Tool to Create Http Ords and Loadbalancer in K8S

A kubectl plugin that create http and ords( Oracle Rest Data Services) based on Apex (oracle application express) 19.1


Once we have Apex ready . We often need to provision a http and ords for it. We would like to automate http ords and loadbalancer deployment in K8S. Once we have db hostname, port , sys password , apex /ords password. We can deployment a brand new http ords and loadbalancer deployment env via 1 command. We can also delete it via 1 command. ords image is based on docker images of oracle github.




Download kubectl via official guide and configure access for your kubernetes cluster. Confirm kubectl get nodes is working

Download binary from release link Save it to /usr/local/bin of linux box (only linux supported as for now), No installation needed, download and run


  ords list|create|delete [-o ordsname][-n namespace][-d dbhostname] [-p 1521] [-s dbservice] [-w syspassword] [-x apexpassword]  [flags]


  # Requirment: 
  # Install Oracle Apex in DB before running this tool. Refer automation tool for Apex
  # Docker images are based on Oracle GitHub Docker Repo 
  # ords container uses
  # httpd container uses
  # list ords deployment with label app=peordshttp
  # list versions ords and Apex status in DB
  kubectl ords list -d dbhost -p 1521 -s testpdbsvc -w syspassword
  # create ords and http Pod with spefified name, run java ords.war install in the pod
  kubectl ords create -o myordsauto -d dbhost -p 1521 -s testpdbsvc -w syspassword -x apexpassword
  # delete ords deployment and drop ords related schemas in DB
  kubectl ords delete -o myordsauto -d dbhost -p 1521 -s testpdbsvc -w syspassword

  -x, --apexpassword string   password for apex,ords related DB schemas
  -d, --dbhost string         DB hostname or IP address
  -p, --dbport string         DB port to access (default "1521")
  -h, --help                  help for ords
  -n, --namespace string      namespace for ords http deployment (default "default")
  -o, --ordsname string       name for ords http deployment
  -s, --service string        DB service to access
  -w, --syspassword string    sys password of DB service

Edit httpd.conf and Ords related config files

All related config files are stored in configmap. Use kubectl get cm to find related configmap. Use kubectl edit cm to edit and save it. Delete the pod to bounce the service to let new configurations become effective.


More than welcome! please don't hesitate to open bugs, questions, pull requests

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