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goafabric commented Jan 14, 2021

Following this Process:

Krew just fails directliy with:
0114 13:48:16.421460 7059 root.go:79] failed to retrieve plugin indexes: failed to list the remote URL for index .DS_Store: command execution failure, output="": fork/exec /usr/local/bin/git: not a directory


  • Macos Big Sur
  • zsh

git is accessible , as well a

rabbah commented May 6, 2019

kui detects links and makes them clickable
it would be neat if it could also detect if the output on the console is a kui command, make it clickable so that when clicked the corresponding/linked command is executed.


> echo auth add a:b
auth add a:b # this is detected as a kui command and made clickable so that it results in

> auth add a:b <return> # being executed
fntlnz commented Feb 17, 2019

We use kind for integration tests against a kubernetes cluster. We now have a dirty hack to load the built images into the kind docker daemon since when we started using it kind was at a very early stage and didn't have the load command. Now the load command is available so we can just replace the hack with it!

Docs here

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