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Yet Another TypeScript Syntax: The most advanced TypeScript Syntax Highlighting in Vim
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BenoitZugmeyer and HerringtonDarkholme [fix] spread argument syntax support (#123)
This fixes the support for spread arguments in arrow function, ex:
`(...a: any[]) => {}`
Latest commit 632bed9 Jul 14, 2019

YATS: Yet Another TypeScript Syntax

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Yet Another TypeScript Syntax file for Vim, adapted from YAJS. Key differences:

  • Exuberant Highlighting. The most elaborate or byzatine syntax highlighting for TypeScript.
  • Bundled with snippets for UltiSnips!
  • Builtin Support for tagbar!
  • Use 'typescript' as group name's prefix, not 'typeScript' nor 'TypeScript'. Works great with SyntaxComplete.
  • Inherit Web API and DOM keywords from YAJS
  • Syntax fold. Fold long code block, semantically!
  • Remove old, unused syntax definitions.


let g:yats_host_keyword = 1: configure yats to highlight host specific keywords like addEventListener. Default is 1. Set it 0 to turn off highlighting.


  • othree, whose YAJS is the most up-to-date js syntax for Vim
  • Jose Elera, Enhanced Javascript syntax
  • Zhao Yi, Claudio Fleiner, Scott Shattuck (This file is based on their hard work)
  • gumnos (From the #vim IRC Channel in Freenode) (Who helped me figured out the crazy Vim Regexes)


The same as Vim

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