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Create your GUIs in Adobe XD, export them as SVGs, use them in Arma 3
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Create your GUIs in Adobe XD, export them as SVGs, use them in Arma 3

Additional Credits:

  • A26mike: Website Design and functionality tester


  1. XD2A3 will not accept Artboards format other than 1920x1080
  2. XD2A3 will not export elements other than Rectangles, Texts, Images or Groups
  3. XD2A3 will not export your GUI if you have borders on any of your element

How to use it

  1. Build your GUI in Adobe XD, don’t forget, only Groups and Rectangles will be rendered in the generated Config.

  2. The name of the Element will be the value used for the class in the Dialog. For example:

    • Element (Rectangle) name: XD2A3_myWonderFullButton: RscButton
    • In the Dialog:
    Class XD2A3_myWonderFullButton: RscButton {

    Note: The Artboards name will be used for the Dialogs name.

  3. Export your Selected Artboard with the following Options:

    • Format: SVG
    • Styling: Presentation Attributes
    • Save images: Link
    • File size: Normal (do not check)
  4. Go to XD2A3 Website.

  5. Select your options:

  6. Select your file. Once selected, wait until the Download pop-up shows up.

  7. If you have selected Separate IDD/IDCs Macros in another file, you will have to files: One will contain your Dialog, the other one will contain the IDXs Macros so you can easily import them into your scripts.

  8. Congratulation, you now have a Dialog that can be added to any mod/missions. Be sure to adjust path if you need to.


  • express
  • svgson
  • ip
  • node

Default Port: 16224

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