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  1. Holmes-Totem

    Investigation Planner for fast running analysis with predictable execution time. For example, static analysis.

    Go 24 16

  2. Holmes-Storage

    The Storage Planner manages access to all data within the Holmes Processing system. It orchestrates the interaction across multiple Databases, serves the files for analysis, etc.

    Go 15 8

  3. Holmes-Gateway

    Main program for receiving tasking and objects. It validates input, checks authentication, and pushes the requests to the pipeline.

    Go 13 5

  4. Holmes-Analytics

    Analytic Planner for orchestrating advanced analyses and human interfaces.

    Scala 2 1

  5. Holmes-Totem-Dynamic

    Investigation Planner for long running analysis with unpredictable execution time. For example, dynamic analysis.

    Go 13 5

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