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GOlang server-side library enabling the creation of custom management dashboards
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This is a library built for using our REST APIs.


One nice thing about Go is how easy it is to work with packages. First, run:

go get

All you need to do after that is add this snippet of code in your source:

import (
	<your other imports go here>
	<your other imports go here>

in your main folder.

Unit Tests

Yay! you're ready for some good testing. All of the test cases are located in the top test directory. Mocked data (in JSON) are in the test/json directory. To run a unit test, just type:

go test <whichever test here>


Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions/concerns.


Special thanks to the amazing work that @kurrik put in his twittergo library. The Errors and Parse interface/functions were taken from there and modified for our needs.

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