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DeblockPP7 filter for VapourSynth
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Variant of the spp filter in MPlayer, similar to spp=6 with 7 point DCT where only the center sample is used after IDCT.


pp7.DeblockPP7(clip clip[, float qp=2.0, int mode=0, int opt=0, int[] planes])
  • clip: Clip to process. Any planar format with either integer sample type of 8-16 bit depth or float sample type of 32 bit depth is supported.

  • qp: Constant quantization parameter. It accepts a value in range 1.0 to 63.0.

  • mode:

    • 0 = hard thresholding
    • 1 = soft thresholding (better deringing, but blurrier)
    • 2 = medium thresholding (compromise between hard and soft)
  • opt: Sets which cpu optimizations to use.

    • 0 = auto detect
    • 1 = use c
    • 2 = use sse2
    • 3 = use sse4.1
  • planes: A list of the planes to process. By default all planes are processed.


meson build
ninja -C build


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