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Install Git contrib more sensibly

Make caveats refer to persistent locations.
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1 parent 6fb81be commit fff60b5e5ec99882e0ea976de20fb3e72fab2cfe @mxcl mxcl committed
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  1. +4 −4 Library/Formula/git.rb
8 Library/Formula/git.rb
@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ def install
(share+'doc/git-core/contrib').install 'contrib/emacs'
# Install contrib files to share/contrib
- (share).install 'contrib'
+ (share/:git).install 'contrib'
# These files are exact copies of the git binary, so like the contents
# of libexec/git-core lets hard link them.
@@ -71,10 +71,10 @@ def caveats; <<-EOS.undent
Emacs support has been installed to:
- #{share}/doc/git-core/contrib/emacs
+ #{HOMEBREW_PREFIX}/share/doc/git-core/contrib/emacs
- The rest of the "contrib" has been installed to:
- #{share}/contrib
+ The rest of the "contrib" is installed to:
+ #{HOMEBREW_PREFIX}/share/git/contrib

3 comments on commit fff60b5


Comment on line 49 should say "share/git/contrib", no?

Homebrew member

Proof that redundant comments are both stupid and a maintenance burden. LIke seriously, who added that comment? The code is perfectly clear.


I'm usually in the "moar comments!" camp. But yeah, WTF.

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