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Rought and simple Libcinder UI
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Quick UI for Cinder. Sister project of


Build a radio with multiple values possible. It builds a vector of results with variable dimensions, you can iterate and grab OK items. Really nice to make some text flowing booleans.

2016 05 03

DmtrUI::loadFont(fontFile); loads a font from Assets folder. Radio working, saving and loaded Fixed issue with new sliders and loading XML Files.

2016 05 02

Updates inside a Bus with wifi, from Caçapava do Sul to Porto Alegre. SliderInt, Label working, soon toggle working too. 330 lines of code.
In fact I’m testing some nice ideas I had after building ofxDmtrUI.

2016 05 01

Born in Cacapava do Sul. slider float working
saving and loading xml files.
Still not much usable. only float slider working.
more updates soon

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