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An fork from Beier's repository of galaxy++. Game creators can efficiently write scripts for Starcraft II game. I did a maintenance to publish a game project to starcraft 2 Arcade (US & CN).
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Galaxy Editor 2
Galaxy Editor 2.sln


An fork from Beier's original galaxy++ back in 2012. I use it to publish my game project in Starcraft 2 Arcade. This project includes:

  • A compiler to compile galaxy++ to galaxy code.
  • An IDE to edit, compile and generate Arcade game map.
  • An GUI to customize the user interface in Game.

Galaxy++ is an programming language that extends Galaxy scripts used by Starcraft 2. It applies object-oriented programming concept to allow map makers to code and manage the script more efficiently. To learn more about Galaxy++, you can refer to Galaxy++ editor by Beier.

New features

  1. Add support to extract functions to precompiled.libraryData, and access the texture from the new Casc file system using CascLib (
  2. Can extract all libraries from user created MODs. They should reside in the default MOD folder as usual. Currently, it only searches for user mods in the sub-folders of MOD.
  3. Dialog Designer: Add a button to delete a dialog and its children.
  4. Upgrade to .Net 4.0 Framework with xna 4.0. The project can be compiled in win10 with VS 2015 community version.
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